Objective and Mission of the Academic Park

All activities of the Academic Park are based on ideology of knowledge-based economy and are directed to the development of the region.

The main aim of Academic Park is development of integrated co-operation environment between business and education. It must be a catalyst of business ideas and incubator of human resources for regional development. Public private partnership and project-oriented approach are the
main instruments of work.

The mission of Academic Park is to strengthen Latvia in academic and research through the support of regional, Latvian and European cooperation and interaction between companies, professionals, academicians and researchers in order to maximize synergy and added value.

Concept of Academic Park

Academic Park provides support for regional strengths and specialisation as well as cooperation between the various academic establishments and business companies as knowledge-base centre of expertise. The programme concentrates on using the expertise in selected clusters and on the development of business activities.

The Academic Park is using some actions as background for practical realisation of above mentioned tasks:

  1. Bring more industrialists into universities.
  2. Provide more opportunities for academics to spend time in industry.
  3. Create opportunities for academic scientists to interact with industrialists. Broad-based scientific meetings typically represent venues in which academic researchers can interact with scientists working in different disciplines, as well as with journalists and politicians.
  4. Develop opportunities for scientists-in-training to interact with industry.
  5. Teaching “soft skills” and problem solving and fostering flexibility.
  6. Create sources of information about the full range of careers available to scientists and engineers. It is relatively easy for young people to find information once they know what they want to do.
  7. Identify the best science. Industry is reasonably good at identifying the top researchers in the universities. A “registry of researchers” that would help to identify who is doing promising work in a particular field.



The project of Academic Park is supported by Daugavpils City Council, Latvian Academy of Science, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Daugavpils University, Latvian Transport Development and Education Association, Latvian Telecommunication Association, Latvian Operations Research Society, Latgalian Branch of University of Latvia, Latgalian Branch of Riga Technical University, Malnava College and others.



  • Varšavas str. 43, Daugavpils, LV
  • info@academpark.eu
  • +371 27021220